Seeking long runner/carpet for indoor use.
Got a box (or boxes) of old photos or negatives that nobody in the family can identify? Sporting events, old cars, businesses, occupational scenes? Sell them to me! Contactfred.merithew@gmail.com. Ad number: #358438908 Contact: Fred Merithew City: Concord, NC Zip: 28025 Price: Prices negotiable
Looking for girls size 2t winter/ fall clothes and boys size 5t winter/fall clothes. Even if you know of a cheap consignment that would help.
If anyone is wanting to get rid of some extra hangers, please send them my way, Thanks!
Seeking leftover or any tapestry / upholstery fabric you no longer plan to use for a project. Larger sizes preferred. Scraps of reasonable size are fine - 12" x 24" is about the smallest that is useable for this project. Thank you!
Looking for gently-used children's clothes/shoes for a relative. My Sister-in-law just got legal custody of another relative's children. She already had 3 of her own children, and one older step-son. These children will likely be with her for a very long time, and may be adopted by she and her husband eventually. If anyone has decent clothing and/or shoes in the following sizes, they would be g...
I am looking for dress clothes and even anycasual clothes, size 16, Large and XL. Would greatly appreciate them!
Seeking a dimmer or a thermostat. (Also, If you happen to have a seedling heating pad with a thermostat attached, that is even more helpful) Thanks!
Asking for a friend, he received a donated mobile scooter (he 70+ and lost his legs) but the battery is dead and needs replacing. Battery serial number NU1SLDG, 12volt 27AHC5 or 32AH20 will work. Please help him if you can, he needs the scooter to tend his garden. Pretty inspiring and awesome guy with a great attitude! Just email me or reply online if you have one and I'll pickup then deliver (...
Looking for a full-size working refrigerator. Can pick up near Pineville ASAP. Thanks!
My daughter is starting volleyball and would love to practice in her spare time. If you have one to share, we would really appreciate it! Thanks!
Hello, I'm looking for a pressure washer and a dress-making mannequin bust. Either would be helpful (for different reasons!). Thank you
Looking for a replacement cord for our older Toshiba Satellite laptop. It needs a 65w 19 v cord. Thanks!
Hello, I am looking for a pet rabbit (preferably a holland lop). If theyre not an indoor variety, i have space to make a living area outdoors if the rabbit prefers to be outdoors. If you have a different pet that needs to be rehomed, please contact me if theyre small and child-safe.
Seeking a young corn or rat snake
I have a son of 2 yrs old. I have some stuff left from when I was a kid, but not much. I figured someone else probably has some old legos and/or hotwheels stuffed in a box somewhere that I can combine with mine to make a pretty good set for him to play with.
I am looking for networking racks of any height along with anything to go in it to work with while I self study for CCNA. The equipment doesn't have to work necessarily. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hello, I'm in a need of a writing desk and chair to pick up. Thanks. Kimberly
We are going to inherit six full grown chickens and are looking for a quick coop.
I am looking for old VHS horror movies. If you have any that you don't want any more or if you know anyone who has some and they don't want them anymore, please contact me because I will probably want them. :)
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